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ITero Ellenet 2

Mrs. Charalampopoulou, DDS, is always looking to utilize the most advanced technology available. "I follow technological advancements very closely," she admits. Being knowledgeable of current technology helps her when deciding what equipment to select for her practice.

Today's digital scanners are so versatile, she says, that orthodontists should consider what a scanner could do to improve the scope and productivity of their practice. Digital restorations fabricated from a digital impression can be much more cost-effective. Digital scanners also can open orthodontist's eyes to new possibilities that will increase their production.

Having used several scanners over the past decade and a half, Mrs. Charalampopoulou has become enamored with the iTero® Element 2 from Align Technology, Inc, calling it the most intuitive scanner I have ever used. Mrs. Charalampopoulou in particular finds value in the unit's TimeLapse visualization feature, which allows both clinicians and patients to view the patient progression portal. TimeLapse lets the clinician track the progress of both additive and subtractive changes in the patient's oral health. This allows us to monitor changes in wear, movement, recession, abrasion, inflammation, and more. We can then make more accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions.

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Intraoral Scanner
Shinning 3D

ITero Ellenet 2

Aoralscan is an intraoral dental scanner manufactured by Shining 3D. It adopts an advanced digital impression system and a series of intelligent features to generate accurate 3D scans. It is easy to operate and streamlines the scanning experience providing patients comfort. it doesn’t require the use of powder to operate. It comes with integrated software and AI that automatically deletes superfluous data in order to produce optimal and reliable digital impressions.

The benefits for patients are:

• Time saver - The advent of intraoral scanner makes the patient not to sit in the orthodontist chair for hours to get treatment. It is equally fast especially in the first stages of dental treatment.

• Safe - During scanning process there is no harmful radiation emitted thus being safe to the patient being treated.

• Accurate - The scanner is accurate in the sense of producing and capturing the exact shape and contours of your teeth thus enabling the dentist to give appropriate and accurate treatment.

Intraoral Scanner 3D
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