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Over the last 20 years, we have earned the loyalty and trust of the people we serve.
We want our patients to leave with a positive, lasting experience and a lifelong smile.

We love to see you smile

A visit to the dentist can be stressful, but we have taken the time to create a calm, relaxing environment as we believe every time you come into our practice you should feel comfortable and at ease.

Our vision is to maintain the highest standards of orthodontic treatment, using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology, as well as delivering individualized attention to our patients and their families.


The doctor - Short Curriculum Vitae

The Orthodontist Dimitra Charalambopoulou was born and raised in Athens. She studied at the DENTAL SCHOOL OF ATHENS – were she attained her DDS DIPLOMA (1997). She was awarded with a distinguished scholarship from IKY (the Foundation of State Scholarships). She completed her master's degree in orthodontics at Temple University in Philadelphia in the United States in 2001 where she earned the title Master of Science in ORAL BIOLOGY. In 2001 she excelled in the American Board of Orthodontics exams and obtained the title ABO eligible. In March 2001 she was awarded an honorary distinction and received a scholarship from the American Association of Orthodontics FOUNDATION. She also served as a Teaching Assistant at Temple University in the United States. She holds a degree in lingual orthodontics from Indiana University in the United States and a certification from the Charles Tweed International Foundation for TWEED MECHANICS from TUCSON Arizona in the United States. Additionally, she actively participates in numerous conferences both in Greece and abroad. SINCE 2002 SHE MAINTAINS THE PRIVATE ORTHODONTICS CLINIC DC Orthodontics IN ATHENS (MAROUSSI). SPECIALIZES IN THE DIAGNOSIS, PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF FACIAL AND ORAL DISORDERS.

She is specialized and certified for the INVISALIGN method (Orthodontics with transparent aligners) since 2001 in America, where she started. At DC Orthodontics we have managed to be a leading orthodontic clinic for Invisalign. We can only be proud of our pioneering work since we are officially certified with the title: Diamond Invisalign Provider.

This distinction is awarded to some selected orthodontists worldwide who have extensive experience in the INVISALIGN method due to the treatment of a large number of patients and their participation in seminars and conferences related to this method. This is at the same time a guarantee for the patients to choose the appropriate Orthodontist that will treat them with the INVISALIGN method. This distinction ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment with its unique benefits.

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Our Dental Assistants are an incredibly important part of this experience.
They are all sensitive, gentle and caring, working hard to ensure all of our patients feel happy before, during and after every appointment.

The whole team is committed to providing an excellent patient experience in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. get in touch with our friendly reception team if you would like to book an appointment.